Reflecting on The Week (2009-06-13)

"Goddess" by Ben Godward
Goddess by Ben Godward at Pocket Utopia during Bushwick Open Studios 2009

  • A New York City abortion provider driven to suicide by pro-lifers … in 1878. Amazing story. (via @studentactivism) in reply to studentactivism #
  • Off to Bushwick after a morning of being lazy. #
  • BOS 2009 map isn’t very good. Somewhat hard to use. #
  • So far quality of art is better than last year IMHO. Doing the rounds with @missmaro & @veken. #
  • Wow. Just spotted an artist I’m definitely going to watch. This has been a very great opens tudio tour. #
  • 117 Grattan is definitely a must-see during your Bushwick art crawl. #
  • Free beer sculpture at Pocket Utopia: #
  • Heard from a reliable source Jerry Saltz & Roberta Smith did BOS today. There goes the neighborhood. #
  • A blistering day in Bushwick & the art barometer reads hot & fabulous. Spotted tons of “off-the-map” treasures. #
  • Been shooting short interview videos last 2 days. Look forward to posting them. Almost end of my tour & I’m exhausted. Last stop Broadway. #
  • I was greeted at Grace Exhibition space with a Bloody Mary & a slice of brain. I think I’ll be here for a while. #
  • Upon return to Chelsea I spot young female artist selling panels of female nudes. Needless to say tons of men are crowded around her table. #
  • Dan Witz’ book “In Plain View: 30 Yrs of Artworks Illegal & Otherwise” 4 pre-order on Amazon (via @sethcarmichael) in reply to sethcarmichael #
  • Checking out the newly opened Highline. Pretty impressive: #
  • Urban vista quite lovely & unusual: #
  • This place will be a street artist paradise if it’s not overly policed {what are the chances :)} #
  • RT @MarcSchil @fi5e “Welcome to Beijing Int’l Airport. Pls remain in ur seats for mandatory temperature scan.” #
  • RT @uncubicled I see all these tweets re: people not getting a Kindle cuz they love the smell of books. Really? I’m not sure u “get” books. #
  • This looks like a good photo show! RT @JenBekman: Praia Piquinia install shots for a rainy day: #
  • RT @haigarmen When you’re in bed tweeting instead of sleeping is that #tweeping? in reply to haigarmen #
  • Taking a Central Park break in front of the Plaza with a latte & a great friend who is a proud luddite. #
  • RT @buckyturco: Sucks when White Supremacists can’t get their propaganda straight: Obama secret agent of Jews or Obama secret Muslim? Pick 1 #
  • At yet another fundraiser. Need more wine. #
  • Speaker says we’re moving towards regionalism & not globalization & he should know…he invented the Global Political Risk Index on Wall St. #
  • Finished my first round of reviews for art blog intern applications. It’s amazing to see so much great talent out there! #
  • And the rush for Facebook vanity URLs begins…just snagged #

4 responses to “Reflecting on The Week (2009-06-13)”

  1. Joanne Mattera Art Blog Avatar

    Re the top item in this post. Can we not call those fanatics “pro-lifers?” How about: i> anti-choice fascists who will stop at nothing, including murder, to ‘save lives’ ?

  2. Hrag Avatar

    Point taken.

  3. Leah Sandals Avatar

    Ooooh. Nice image.

  4. hv Avatar

    Thanks…the beer was warm but good.

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