No He Didn’t, Orange Co. Museum’s Dennis Szakacs Says Talk to the Hand

Secretive Orange County Museum of Art director Dennis Szakacs (backstory) has come up with the best new line I’ve read in a while–as quoted by the Orange Co. Register Blog:

“It’s not my job to make your job easier.”

WOW! I still can’t believe he said that on the phone to a reporter at Orange County’s largest local paper. One word for Szakacs: FAIL!

2 responses to “No He Didn’t, Orange Co. Museum’s Dennis Szakacs Says Talk to the Hand”

  1. Board of Trustees 08-09
    Chairman & President
    David Emmes

    Vice President & Governance
    Ellen R. Marshall

    Vice President, Committee on Trustees
    Eugene Spiritus

    Craig Wells

    Annette Wiley

    Duane Allen
    Darrel Anderson
    Donald L. Bren
    Hal Brice
    James Carona
    David Emmes II
    Linda Fitz-Horioka
    Scott N. Flanders
    Stephen T. Fry
    Jeff Gehl
    Gregory Keever
    Barbara Klein
    Michael Krichman
    Ellen R. Marshall
    Carl McLarand
    Richard A. Meier
    Lilly Merage
    Jayne Murrel
    James Muzzy
    Randall S. Parker
    Dr. James B. Pick
    Michael D. Ray
    Joan Riach
    Robert Roth
    J. Steven Roush
    Brian Stone
    Eugene Spiritus
    Jennifer Van Bergh
    Timothy W. Weiss
    Craig W. Wells
    Annette Wiley

    Trustees Emeriti

    Peter Alexander
    Frances A. Bass
    Joan F. Beall
    Harry G. Bubb
    Alison Baker Frenzel
    Teri Kennady
    Gilbert E. LeVasseur, Jr.
    Leon Lyon
    Charles D. Martin
    Thomas H. Nielsen
    Carl Neisser
    Thomas B. Rogers
    Judge James V. Selna
    Claudette Shaw
    John R. Stahr
    Mrs. Richard Steele
    David S. Tappan, Jr.
    Thomas Tierney

    Hmmmmm… let’s see now….

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