Ji Lee’s “Duchamp Reloaded”


Via swissmiss:

In 1913, Marcel Duchamp took found objects from the streets and placed them in museums. 96 years later, if Duchamp were alive, he may want to do the very opposite.Duchamp Reloaded, a new project by Ji Lee.

The bicycle chain is a wonderful touch though a little to preciously placed at the bottom of the piece. You may remember Lee for his Bubble Project, where he slapped cartoon speech bubbles on advertising around the city inviting people to write in their commentary.

2 responses to “Ji Lee’s “Duchamp Reloaded””

  1. Giovanni Avatar

    I don’t get it – so Duchamp used a bicycle wheel on his piece, and Lee is acting like it’s a whole bicycle? It doesn’t seem particularly interesting, or even an effective comment. I guess he deserves points for not doing the urinal.

  2. libhomo Avatar

    I loved the Bubble Project. I keep hoping somebody will do it again.

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