Reflecting on The Week (2009-06-20)


  • Doing a cupcake taste test from 6 different NY cupcake bakeries. #
  • Had NY cupcake taste test for friend’s bday. Winner Butterlane, 2nd Sugar Sweet Sunrise, 3rd Billy’s, 4th Magnolia’s…rest unmentionable. #
  • At Bushwick Biennial at NurtureArt & shoring pics for a review & my digital card went kaput! #
  • RT @anamariecox: Iran09 Cyberwar guide RT @jryanlaw PLEASE READ this b4 you mindlessly retweet Iran-related tweets #
  • RT @TylerGreenDC: RT @art21: IMA conservator @RichardMcCoy debuts a column on the conservation of contemporary art – #
  • Miami Herald: Attempted Iran Media Clampdown Meets Internet Age #iranelection (RT @Reenit @raid1907@Fingertipnews) #
  • This just in via email: Bellwether owner Becky Smith announces she is closing the gallery RT @artfagcity @bhoggard @aczine #
  • Andrew Sullivan: Neocons are for Ahmadinejad (RT @Spinelli666 @tllanes) #
  • Clay Shirky: This is it. The big one. 1st revolution catapulted onto global stage & transformed by social media (@veken) #
  • Cell phone pics of today’s protests in Tehran #iranelection (RT @BillyFlynn) #
  • Source in Tehran tells me some of anti-Moussavi forces beating & killing people are actually Hezbollah & Hamas & some speak no Farsi. #
  • Protest faux pas? RT @AndyPColgan I wore green today for the #IranElection but apparently all Iranians are wearing black, my bad… #
  • June 17, GOP Cong. Hoekstra tweeted that Iranian struggle was like GOP’s tussle w Dems…Hoekstra meme began (via LK) #
  • Example of why art world sucks: Nico Israel, known for not finding Spiral Jetty, spoke at Dia Beacon on…Robert Smithson. RT@TylerGreenDC #
  • Michael Musto interviewing some young dude at Mandarin Oriental and kid is trying to flirt with him but to no avail. #
  • Just got out of Conran Shop and felt like I had heeps of dessert without a main dish. #
  • Got my first hard-core anti-Semitic comment on my blog today…feel yucky! How to respond…hmmm…. #
  • My mom just intro’d me to shady & bustling world of designer knock-offs in Chinatown’s secret backrooms: #

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