Reflecting on The Week (2009-06-27)


  • Getting nervous about my reading today, spending day yelling @ my mom & @veken to keep quiet while I polish things up…boy, I’m a tyrant. #
  • At Spanish restaurant on W14 St & ordered something called Tinto de Verano (Red White w/ Sprite)…will report back on what it tastes like. #
  • Wine/sprite ok. No interest in trying wine/coke variation. Guess I’m traditional in my Spanish food tastes…I prefer everything foamed. #
  • – A scene from the reading today. Pictured is Nancy Agabiab introducing the special “Pride” installment of Gartal. #
  • Have interview(s) this week with one (possibly both) US Cong. House Arts Caucus co-chair(s)…what would you ask? I welcome question ideas. #
  • Sad my mom is leaving tomorrow AM. Though I’ll be able to resume more regular blogging, writing & reading post-mom. #
  • At press conference that no one else is at, incl. the people organizing it. Kind of surreal. What to do with all the pitchers of water? Hmmm #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] Union protest at corner of 57th & Lex #
  • NYC is slipping…of top 25 most dangerous ‘hoods in US, only 1 here now (#18: 125 & St. Nicolas): #
  • The line at X Initiative opening on 22nd Street is insane. Halfway down the block. #
  • Kind of bored of the art here. Impossible to see anything here. #
  • Fourth floor definitely best of all floors. #
  • What the hell is wrong with SC Gov. Sanford? 1st in Argentina instead of Appalachia & now an affair!? My head hurts. #
  • Trying to think up a suitable punishment for someone who stands you for 29 minutes…how about forcing them to drink NYC puddle water? #
  • Won’t someone @MSNBC tell Chris Matthews that Sandford DID break law. SC is 1 of few states that ADULTERY is still a crime! (@thejoshuablog) #
  • Nothing like a turd, a centaur, wooden stairs & porn to say ART! “Oil Now” @ Envoy Gallery: #
  • So very behind in articles…I just published something I interviewed someone for back in February! #
  • RT @ginatrapani: “I just wish there wasn’t that whole sleeping-with-kids thing.” (via @jonnodotcom) #
  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson when he was 10…am I the only one disturbed by this? #
  • Yes Men spoof the Int’l Herald Tribune: #
  • National Security Experts: Jackson Death + Farrah Fawcett death + Sanford Scandal = Doomed Iran #

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