Flag of Equal Marriage


Today is the perfect day to bring up Carl Tashian’s FLAG OF EQUAL MARRIAGE which is:

…an evolving protest flag for equal marriage rights in the United States.
The stars on the Jan 1, 2010 flag represent the states that actively perform same-sex marriages. Stars are arranged on the blue field in order of each state’s admission into the union.


The background:

in 1902, when the women’s suffrage movement was just getting warmed up, the American flag had 45 stars.

In protest, the suffragists created their own US flag with only four stars, representing the four states that allowed women to vote.

This flag flew at the podium of the First International Womens Suffrage Conference in 1902, and it was my inspiration for a re-appropriation of the American flag. Unfortunately, the states that were so progressive regarding women’s suffrage in 1902 have state-wide same-sex marriage bans today.

More info here. And for background on the more commonly accepted LGBT Rainbow Flag check here, which includes the symbolism of each color.


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