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  • A really good primer about the problems of photography & Conceptualism–the post focuses on the Whitney’s “Photoconceptualism, 1966–1973” show:

    Within its limited aesthetic, object production was a low priority for conceptual artists. However, some conceptualists realized that other than following Fluxist maneuvers of indexical, momentary events that may or may not be witnessed, their documentation of staged actions & situations would be easily photographed to provide documentation. This gave rise to a term known in art theory as “de-skilled” photography. This early photographic documentation of conceptual art, without aesthetic pretense or intention, has been lifted from its down-played status through an elegant sleight-of-hand by museums and curatorial practice. Museums have manipulated these conceptual art photographic documents as “fine art” in their own right, & represent it through accepted formalist language previously established in the appreciation of “high art” photography.

  • Simon Owens detects a rift between blogosphere’s A-list and the upstarts of the twitterverse.
  • Seems that New York’s latest Gehry is only skin deep.
  • I fuckin’ hate this guy’s stuff (dull as dishwater) but I found this interesting:Q: How big is the Christian community within the world of graffiti?

    A: Jesus Saves: It’s far bigger than I could imagine. Christian graffiti is not only happening in the United States but also in Puerto Rico and in many parts of Europe. There is a Christian graffiti crew which is well known – The Gospel Graffiti Crew.

    Btw, Jeremy at BushwickBK has a great take on the interview:

    …here’s the gist as a paraphrase:
    “I found Jesus and now I don’t commit no crimes, just defacing other people’s property.”
    Artless scrawling with sharpies meets religious nutbaggery. What will the art world attempt to legitimize next?

    (Interview via ToFearItIsToKnowIt)

  • Good question but the answer isn’t that straight forward. It takes a lot of effort to fit your life into someone else’s radical aesthetic vision. Most of these homes require that you forsake your favorite pieces of furniture, etc. and submit to the architect’s (and patron’s) own ideas of comfortable and beauty.
  • I don’t know about you but if you ask me it sounds like the foundations for a lesbian bar and not really a “pious” place for Muslims.
  • My favorite congressman from Ohio gives the progressives among us some hope.

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