Can You Face the (Twit)Truth?


Some facts about my Twitter account via TwitTruth:

Hrag is an engager. More than half of their tweets sent are a response or mention another user. Engager
Chances of Hrag responding to a direct message 1 in 1.56
@ messages sent to Hrag every day on average 2.08
Response sent from Hrag every day on average 1.33
Time it takes Hrag to read their direct messages everyday Based on taking 4 seconds to read 140 characters. If they actually read them 0.14 mins
Time it would take Hrag to reply to all messages recieved today Based on taking 20 seconds to reply 0.69 mins
Time Hrag actually spends sending direct messages every day Messages that start @ 0.44 mins
Direct Messages sent to Direct Messages Recieved 0.64
Percent of tweets that engage a user 31%
Tweets that contain a username but not a direct reply 22%
Percent of tweets that aren’t replies 47%
Percent of tweets that mention other users in the top 1000 5%
Percent of tweets that contain a hashtag 2%
Percent of tweets that are retweets (start RT) 9.5%
Percent of tweets that contain a link 33%

Try it out and I have to admit that it’s a useful way to find out who actually likes using the micro-blogging tool and if people’s use it to only broadcasting their own stuff or engage with an real online audience (soapboxers vs. conversationalists).

Btw, feel free to follow me on Twitter here, my stats suggest that I’ll tweet you back unless you’re that tweeter who keeps sending me non sequiturs…I mean WTF!?!?

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