Reflecting on The Week (2009-07-11)

  • [Pictured Above] Brian Adam Douglas’ (aka @elbowtoe) portrait of the illustrious @lunaparknyc…currently on display @ Black Rat Press
  • NYC Fireworks tonight reminded me of when I landed in Beirut c.1985 & spotted explosions on the horizon #
  • I’m always surprised how beatutiful & picturesque the industrial ruins are when traveling via train between NYC & Newark. #
  • Geez, I hate creating obvious typos when I tweet. You all get to see how badly I spell without those little red squiggly lines to help me. #
  • RT @anamariecox Been thinking re WP pointing out the black girl journos covering Michelle. Anyone notice similar trend in Bush press corps? #
  • RT @anamariecox //@ktumulty yes. I def noticed alot of white guys covering Bush. // Now that you mention it, there were! Hm Get Howie on it! #
  • While I want to love the new iPhone version of Tweetdeck, I have to admit its bugs & glitches make it not yet ready for prime time. #
  • RT @KnightLAT: Deaccessioning art from museum collections can be confusing: #
  • Fox News Contributor Rips Into Palin as “…inarticulate, undereducated” (video) via @huffingtonpost #
  • Keith Haring’s re-created mural at Bowery & Houston was whitewashed today: #
  • If the rumors are true & the White House is caving on a public option for health care I will have given up on Obama. HOPE-less. #
  • Artists/galleries should avoid flash sites @ all costs. I’m NOT going to wait for it to load & then not be able to link to one part of it. #
  • For the hardcore geeks out there…first music video shot on an iPhone – #
  • RT @chaykak: Differences on media coverage of Tibetan ‘protests’ versus Xinjiang/Uighur ‘riots’ #
  • RT kirstinbutler: Why text messages are 160 characters (source: @latimes) #
  • I’m starting to think @tylergreendc & @artfagcity are secretly attracted to each other in a “meet me in the New Museum bathroom” kinda way. #
  • GREAT POINT RT @thatwaszen: Totally agree re: flash sites. Plus, they’re not viewable on most mobile phones. #
  • RT @TetRaHedronic @pustovek Drop phones not bombs. #iranelection #
  • RT @veken @hragv I’ve been waiting for my FB friend confirmation from Jerry Saltz for months. I’m essentially locked out of that discussion. #
  • Unbelievable: While voicing her support 4 uranium mining Arizona State Sen Sylvia Allen (R) says Earth is 6,000 Yrs old #
  • RT @lunaparknyc @AKANYC Os Gemeos r painting over Haring mural @ Houston & Bowery. Haring Estate asked 4 it to come down. Deitch got twins. #
  • Hey, it’s me! RT @art21: “Arts Stimulus Funding & the Art Economy”: @hragv breaks it down by the numbers – #
  • Scary crowd of guys in ugly black suits on 26th Street. #
  • RT @GRAFresistance Artwork helps brighten gloomy Brooklyn street as construction stalls – NYDaily News via @lunaparknyc #
  • Austin Thomas announces new project with Norte Maar in July 2010, Pocket U: (via @TwoCoats) #
  • RT @lunaparknyc: On 12ozProphet, Martha Cooper posts some great historical images of the wall at Houston & Bowery – #
  • RT @TylerGreenDC @culturemonster: LAT editorial: Despite good motives, OCMA’s sketchy art sale raises questions. #
  • Os Gêmeos wall on Houston as of 7:30am Friday (via @lunaparknyc) #
  • #Streetart #ff @lunaparknyc @elcelso @GRAFresistance @marcdschiller @unurth @carmichaella @arrestedmotion @FactoryFresh @elcelso @iteeth #
  • Does Social Networking Breed Social Division? [NYT] (via @thatwaszen) #

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