William Powhida’s “Dear Dash Snow” (2007)

deardashsnowVia & hattip James

3 responses to “William Powhida’s “Dear Dash Snow” (2007)”

  1. What’s worse, an artist who has the balls to live the life they choose and make daring work, or someone who makes work that mocks and ridicules that artist’s life? Or someone who posts it on the day of the daring artist’s sad, ugly death.

    Get a fucking life.

  2. Hey Anonymous Poster (aka Snowball),
    It’s sad that you glamorize him so much. Everyone has an ugly and beautiful side. And an artist who ODs and leaves a two year old to grow up without a father is kind of pathetic.

  3. An artists whose lionized art is characterized by dried seminal ejaculate on copies of the New York Post says more about the art world today than the artist.

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