Reflecting on The Week (2009-07-18)

stevelambertitsaboutpowerSteve Lambert’s It’s About Power (2009) at Jen Bekman’s current group show

  • My sister-in-law just asked how to explain that his uncle’s are a married gay couple to her 5 year old daughter. Need to google that. #
  • During this peaceful Saturday night I’m remembering that serene Buddha on the lawn of a house in Roanoke, VA #
  • Enjoying iPhone3GS camera…old iPhone pics were 800×600 pixels, these r 2048×1536! If it had a flash I wouldn’t need another small camera. #
  • SCARY! // World’s 1st floating nuclear power plant goes live on Russia’s eastern coast by 2012. RT @willprince #
  • Is getting arrested like winning Turner Prize for street artists? // Zevs Arrested in Hong Kong RT @worldgraffiti #
  • RT @TylerGreenDC TORTURE THRU ART: // IMH(& flip)O figuring out curation @ a New Museum show is like torture. #
  • RT @bhoggard @themoment: Fashion Designer Issey Miyake’s NYT OP-ED about surviving Hiroshima nuclear attack #
  • U know someone loves u when they lean over & whisper in ur ear that maybe u should switch to non-alcoholic beverages for rest of the night. #
  • The new heroin + homeless + Williamsburg trend is not good: #
  • When did Soho restaurants start using aggressive greeters on the street trying to bring in customers. What is this…Little Italy? #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] Steve Lambert’s IT’S ABOUT POWER at Jen Bekman’s group show that opens today: #
  • The Os Gêmeos mural on Houston is quite a tourist attraction. People hanging out in front of it: #
  • We just got back a package slapped with a “Return to Sender” sticker that we had mailed in July 2007!!! #
  • Taking a taxi to LaGuardia (going to Chicago) & cabbie is riveted to Sotomayor hearing on radio. Rep. Sessions is making me sick. #
  • Prospect New Orleans curator Dan Cameron interviewed by guest blogger @jonnodotcom (via @art21) #
  • Hella hipsters (& clergy) on this flight, I feel like I’m about to hear a prayer followed by a Fischerspooner tribute on the PA system. #
  • My favorite line when meeting people, “I know you, we’re friends on Facebook.” #
  • At Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art: Olafur Eliasson show was nice, Calder mini-show ok, rest meh. #
  • Are museums in trouble? My urbane museum companion exclaimed “this is the best part of the museum” when we walked in MCA’s design shop. #
  • RT @ArtHonolulu: When I worked @ The Met, running joke was visitors would only shop then leave bc they couldn’t make it up any more stairs. #
  • File Under: Ad People Suck // Vile bastards at Jamba Juice rip off David Rees’s Get Your War On. (via @bhoggard) #
  • RT @NortonSimon @GettyMuseum: Chardin’s “Dog & Game” (1730) back on view after being conserved (b4 & after pics) #

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