Five Years Ago Today in Bushwick, “The Preemptive Bash”

The Preemptive Bash

I found this jpeg in an old drive last week and thought it would be fun to share it.

Five years ago today, artist Kim Holleman and I threw a party called The Preemptive Bash in our loft building on Willoughby Avenue in Bushwick. I think we secretly hoped our inertia could topple the Bush/Cheney dynasty but all we got was about 250 people (150 of whom we didn’t know) and a visit from the cops at 1am because of noise.

I designed the flyer for the three-loft spectacular (the rooftop got shut down pretty fast) which included DJs, bands and art installations, including Kim’s “Old World Order” mural (now destroyed) in my former loft.

It reminded me how far we’ve come from that time when the world seemed dark and gloomy and filled with bizarre Orwellian terms like “preemptive war” and “freedom fries”…so glad to say that this period in American history is officially part of our past and not our present.

p.s. I’ve removed the address from the flyer to respect the privacy of those who still live there.

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