Reflecting on The Week (2009-07-25)


  • At Gala @ Chicago’s Art Institute & I have an amazing view of Jeff Wall’s “Flooded Grave” (1998-2000) from my table: #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] Ellsworth Kelly’s “White Curve” (2009) is a great backdrop for the Art Institute’s Pritzker Garden at night: #
  • Back for another day at the Art Institute of Chicago, now I see why everyone celebrates its glorious collections…WOW! #
  • Kinda understand why Joseph Cornell, Gorky, Lam & Matta are in Euro 1900-50 galleries @ Art Institute but it does injustice to their art. #
  • RT @AlexTalks: Veselka’s mural has finally been replaced! Old: and New: #
  • Japanese Man Falls in Love with Pillow, they’re “dating” (via @jkottke) @nytimes #
  • At a Mobile Tech for Arts Orgs event @ Roger Smith Hotel with @Veken. #
  • This event is being livestreamed @ #artstech Met Museum is up first. #
  • Met Mus presentation vertigo-inducing & lame. Mobile devices are like companions not tour guides, every visit unique blah blah #artstech #
  • Next up, Perk Mobile: Most clients initially want iPhone apps, but there are obstacles, cost (~35K) vs. Mobile Web (~5K) #artstech #
  • Maybe use a mobilizer for your mobile tech needs? Eg. or Uses MoMA site as ex. of a bad mobile site. #artstech #
  • Now Untravel Media: how to tell narratives on mobile devices, esp. experience & emotion, explore storytelling in physical spaces #artstech #
  • LOL // OMG: “G. Gordon Liddy says Obama is an ‘illegal alien’ born in a ‘hospital in Mombasa.’” (via @thejoshuablog) #
  • Next up a hacker & open-sourcer who creates devices that talk without owners knowledge. Into hacking urban spaces: wildernets #artstech #
  • Say it ain’t so // RT @ lunaparknyc Sad to see mccaig-welles gallery in williamsburg closed, loved their programming (& their framing!). #
  • Did you know Whole Foods is anti-union & trying to destroy universal health care? Time to boycott? #
  • My secret twitter crushes for #followfriday @cmonstah @lunaparknyc @leahsandals @thatwaszen @jomc @buckyturco @michaelpinto @jenbee #
  • A note to tech fiends among u…if ur tired of following my tweets, blog, flickr…u can see it all together @ #

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