Moscow’s Architectural Heritage Under Seige, Report Warns


Bye, bye Soviet Constructivist masterpieces, regal Russian palaces and grand Soviet hotels, now is the time for the “ersatz city” full of “architectural mongrels” and “overscaled new monsters.”

Via the Guardian, which highlights the work on one starchitect who is helping the destruction of old Moscow along:

The report is also scathing about Norman Foster, whose firm has been involved in some of Moscow’s most prestigious new construction projects.

It says the British architect, “who defined the avant-garde of the 1970s”, is now “merely the figurehead of an international machine that churns out designs”.

Photo: credits for Hotel Moskva images, Simon K, XenocratMozi & here. These are the best post-renovation images I’ve found, but the labeling of the photos are far from perfect, which makes them confusing.

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