Reflecting on The Week (2009-08-01)

REVS in Chelsea

  • At a Kill the Alarm concert at the Blender/Gramercy Theatre: #
  • At a loft party on the LES with a gréât vire of the Bernard Tschumi Blue building. #
  • A very sad day // RT @TylerGreenDC @collegeart: A Titan of Modern Dance, Merce Cunningham, dies: #
  • RT @artfagcity: relaunches. #
  • Canada Wins & Religious Bigot Loses Over Gay Marriage Case #
  • RT @bhoggard: @MattNasser My heart goes out to all Cunningham dancers I’ve slept with & thank you Merce for making them do all those squats. #
  • RT @swissmiss: Aug 3 is the final “Monday’s at Meet” featuring @thehiredguns @JenBekman RSVP: (@meetnyc) #
  • RT @JasonParis: Anti-anti-gay signs in London, Ontario: #
  • RT @bhoggard: Saw film “(Untitled)” tonight & really liked it. V impressed w Marley Shelton as ambitious Chelsea dealer #
  • Stewart: “Americans do not deserve the same health care that our soldiers do?” Kristol: “Yes.” Kristol PWNED!!!!!! (via @anamariecox) #
  • Finally tried the NEW Tim Horton’s in Penn Station…just as bad as the ones in Canada & they don’t have butter tarts here…so FAIL! #
  • RT @aczine: Hugh O’Donnell “BEING GAY IN THE G.A.A [Gaelic Athletic Association]” at Grace Exhibition Space #
  • RT @MikeRiggs: Here’s a brief response to the Slate article about music mags folding: (Thoughts welcome!) #
  • “Inside Detroit’s Hair Wars” (photo essay) about avant-garde Afr-Amer hair styles…WOW! #
  • Just went to a Richard Aborn for Manhattan DA fundraiser & he’s labelling himself a “gutsy progressive”…so here’s to hoping that’s true. #
  • A tantilizing car wreck // RT @elizabeth_huey very strange. RT @injoyed Weird paintings of Obama naked w unicorns #
  • Great advice for anyone with food allergies eating out in NYC (or anywhere): #
  • A real treat for anyone going to Quebec City // RT @leahsandals: Nat’l Post Q&A on Coming of Age: US Art 1850-1950 in QC #
  • Is anyone going to Ed Winkleman’s book signing thing tonight at his gallery? #
  • Just posted 2 pics of Revs piece on Flickr an hour ago & they have each already had over 100 views each. Can someone say “cult of Revs”? #
  • RT @aczine: Talked with Jerry Saltz after Bruce High Quality Foundation “lecture” tonight at Harris Lieberman. He says he loves ArtCat! #
  • Noteworthy this week: @art21 posts about art & virtual worlds, specifically art of Cao Fei: & #
  • I just gave directions to Carnegie Hall to someone, then asked, “Are u seeing a concert?” “No,” he said. “I hear there’s a Hooters nearby.” #

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