Swoon Boys (photo)

Photog Luna Park has captured a great image of a Swoon piece that’s been up for over a year. It gives credence to the notion that decay can be beautiful, um….unless it’s in a gallery work.

I spoke to someone last night who mentioned that a Swoon piece they purchased (it was exhibited at Deitch Projects years ago) is deteriorating before their very eyes and if that’s the case it may not fare well for other “street art” talents who hope to create a collectors base for their art.

For far too long many street artists have dismissed the need for archival-ness or quality in their gallery work, which ideally should not be the same as their street stuff. Rare is the street artist who can pull off something that works well in both types of venues.

My art history background makes me cringe when I see poorly constructed art that will probably look like shit in a decade and prove to be a conservator’s nightmare.

Coincidentally, here is what the Swoon looked like in July 2008:

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