Reflecting on The Week (2009-08-08)


  • As proof of my dorktitude, I left my apt at 8am today & just discovered I’m wearing different shoes: #
  • At the Mattatuck Mus. in Waterbury, CT & spotted a nice little Calder collection: #
  • A pull-toy made by Calder (1955) for the Hirsch family of Middlebury, CT: #
  • A ginormous Calder in the courtyard of the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, CT #
  • From Wilson to JFK, “parsing a president’s drink choice ” [WSJ] (via @thatwaszen) #
  • Milton Avery, “Fruit on a Fish Dish” (1950-53) from Mattatuck Mus. (Waterbury, CT) #
  • [PICTURED ABOVE] Yves Tanguy, “Outre Mer” (1939) at Mattatuck Mus. (Waterbury, CT) classic small ptg by surrealism master #
  • RT @NewYorkology @ThirteenNY THIRTEENNY brings back original Frost/Nixon interviews on 8/4 @ 8pm. Catch a chilling clip: #
  • Anti-Obama Street Art in LA, Is It For Real? If u know who the artist or group responsible for this is, pls let me know. #
  • RT @kattotherina: LES is waaay more obnoxious than W’burg. Walking on Ludlow makes me want to renounce my youthfulness & humanness // Agreed #
  • Why aren’t there mass protests in favor of the US public health care plan? Are there are I just don’t know? #
  • Did you know the US Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Socialist? And “under God” was only added in 1954? #
  • RT @badatsports: @newmuseum 1st photos of Emory Douglas mural in Harlem are on Facebook: #
  • A part of our culture dies when good street art is covered up with crappy ads (via Public Ad Campaign): #
  • I vote yes. Tagged by Jesus Saves//RT @kattotherina: Dear Twitter: is this art? spotted in morgantown. #streetart #
  • At Gawker Media’s street art event. Pretty cool space: #
  • Just discovered newest/hippest art trend: “art favelas.” #
  • The tourism in front of the Os Gemeos mural on Houston is out of control! #
  • Ad Hoc Gallery in Bushwick is closing after next show w Armsrock, Stain & Eismont. Gallery wasn’t “sustainable” according to their email. #
  • LOL // RT @iteeth: Alabama bans wine cuz there’s a nekked lady on the label #
  • RT @art21: Which American museum has the best paintings collection? @TylerGreenDC is running a poll: #
  • RT @Americans4Arts: Obama’s team chooses arts venues for upcoming G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. #
  • RT @culturemonster: Bush advisor David Frum becomes an art critic #
  • We’e all Kenyan! // RT @TylerGreenDC @joshtpm: New site helps u create yr own phony Kenyan birth certificate in minutes. #
  • RT @culturepundits @alexanderchee: If you’re a Margaret Atwood fan like me, here’s the real Atwood: @MargaretLAtwood #
  • Congrats sethcarmichael & @elisacarmichael on 2yr Anniv of Carmichael Gallery in LA! Have fun @ the bday party tonight: #
  • Buy Modern Art Mus of Fort Worth Art Camp t-shirt for $20 & money goes to MAMFW endowment for children’s/ed programming! #
  • RT @quinnjames: if anyone has thoughts/experiences/stories/whatever on #siliconvalley unemployment, tweet back please #
  • LOL // RT @artfagcity: Boris Groys on blogs, ‘I am convinced they are being written for God…who…is dead” #
  • Were recent Twitter/Facebook outages cuz Russia targeting a Georgian blogger? WOW! via always insightful @simonowens #
  • At theatrical premiere of alone in a row with a guy also by himself. Kinda ironic since it’s about MMORPGs. #
  • It must be Friday night since my apt building’s elevator smells like cologne. Too bad I can’t hyperlink to a smell. #

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