Beware the Crack Dealing Performance Artists

*Aug 12 - 00:05*

Always enamored with the freak factor of contemporary art, the corporate media has latched onto another story about a performance artist freaking out the neighbors. Nate Hill–who you will remember from the Free Platform Bouncy Rides–is delivering candy in crack viles to people who call him during drug dealer appropriate hours in north Brooklyn (where else did you think this could happen).

From The Daily News:

A Brooklyn performance artist’s latest act is fake “candy crack” drug deals – riling neighborhood activists who don’t think illegal narcotics are a laughing matter.

Every other Saturday night, Nate Hill delivers $1 bags of “crack” – really crystallized sugar – to anyone in Williamsburg and Greenpoint who calls in an order.

Dressed in a white tuxedo and a white dolphin headpiece, he shows up between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., just like a many real drug pushers.

My favorite is the cop who chimes in with his dumbass assessment:

“People have seen him around,” said one police source. “It’s just candy. Unfortunately, being criminally stupid is not illegal.”

Criminally stupid? Hey officer, detective or who ever you are….maybe you should just shut the fuck up.

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