Aakash Nihalani Experiments with Net Art

MAGKINETICArtist Aakash Nihalani has ventured into the world of net art as he attempts to recreate “that very personal unique interaction of human and art” that the physicality of street art allowed his public work.

I asked him what inspired these new experiments, which he told me were created using “open source stuff” he remixed, and he explained:

I used to come up with a lot odds and ends being a web designer….it just kinda clicked recently that it’s a nice little medium to explore. It felt right to expand the work to pursue a more ‘public’ art than ‘street’ art.

I don’t know if I agree that the internet is more public than public space but I’m open to a discussion on that point. I do think it’s intriguing how these interactive sketches seem to suggest ideas that don’t seem fully realized yet, in other words, I’m curious to see how these experiments will blossom and grow.


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