San Francisco’s Right Wing Haters (photo)


Just in case you thought that radical right wingers were restricted to the American South, check out this gaggle of looney signs in San Francisco by the city’s wacky GOP minority.

via BAGnewsNotes

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  1. I expected racist or anti-gay signs. What I see are anti-Obama and anti-socialism signs. Their “hate” is no different than your (I’m sure well-founded) hatred of Bush and his cronies. The only thing I find alarming about this photo is that they dared to come out at all — the GOP HQ in SF is in a secret location for safety reasons.

  2. @Jeremy, You don’t think the sign in the front and center is racist with its reference to Kenya…guess he’s a birther.

  3. Oh, I couldn’t tell what that said. The birthers are morons, I’ll give you that. If they were smart they’d busy themselves (intelligently, please) criticizing actual policies and not peripheral irrelevancies like the president’s origin, which despite their claims would not disqualify him from the presidency.

    But really I find this tossing around of “hate” for everything anti-Obama to cheapen the word. There are real violent racist wackos out there, and when you lump in people who are simply against having doctors become bureaucrats more than they already are, and wasting money AND cars to save 3 drops of gas and other poorly thought-out stimuli, you are allowing the real crazies to hide.

  4. Nonsense, the Republican Party HQ in San Francisco is a phone booth of 42nd Avenue.

    Everybody knows that.

  5. Or rather, at the corner of 42nd Avenue and Judah.

    Of course, I couldn’t help but notice that there are no brown or black faces in that crowd. In a minority-majority city like San Francisco, that’s quite a feat to pull off. An all-white rally against Obama. Even in the heart of liberal America, it is the same group who are “criticizing” the president’s policies. You’re about to tell us that’s purely a coincidence? Nothing to do with race?

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