A Renaissance Painting, A Baroque Drama & A Contemporary Blogger

Tyler Green is an art geek like me, and he really is doing a wonderful job creating drama around the recent attribution/deattribution/reattribution (we’re not sure yet) of a famous painting which hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.
The painting in question (pictured above), is Portrait of a Venetian Gentleman. Long attributed to Titian and/or Giorgione, the National Gallery of Art’s curator of Italian and Spanish painting, David Alan Brown, has spoken to Tyler about his latest research into the portrait.
Tyler, the passionate blogger that he is, is seducing us into the mystery with serialized posts about the work titled “The mystery of the Venetian gentleman:” Part 1 (Aug. 18); Part 2 (Aug. 19); Part 3 (Aug. 20).
Tomorrow, we get to the good stuff…the reveal!

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  1. Peter Avatar

    nice portrait! I recently came across a canvas paintings wall art. They have great selections of wall art 🙂

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