Call Now & Air Your Dirty Laundry! 888-320-2427

Tracee Worley' "The Dirty Laundry Line" (2009)
Tracee Worley wants you to confess your sins.
She’s a 2009 Create Change artist participating in the Laundromat Project and she’s plastering New York City laundromats with stickers offering the city’s citizens a free & easy way to get things off their chest.
Call toll-free: 888-320-2427
Anything you say on the line may be feautred in a major exhibition in October as part of the Laundromat Project. I was accepted to the writers’ portion of the same project and I’ll report soon about the experience.
If you’re a little shy and don’t want to spill the beans, you can also listen to what others confess, you know you want to.

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