Why We Need Government-Run Healthcare Now (video)

Well said. Universal healthcare should be a no-brainer but many paranoid people seem to think that it’s a scheme for a government take over that will lead to rationing….geez, get over your delusions.

As someone who has lived in a society with universal healthcare (i.e. Canada), let’s just say that most Americans don’t realize what suckers they are by paying major insurance premiums and having to devote so much energy to medical bills that can be (and should be) effortless. Healthcare in Canada is great. I hear many more horror stories from Americans than Canadians about healthcare. I hate my own insurance here, it’s bizarre and hard to understand.

Last month, I received a letter from my insurance company that my GP of 9 years is leaving the network and now I have to find another doctor. That would never happen in Canada and, as everyone knows, finding a good GP is not an easy task.

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  1. Thank God for the Godless Liberal Homos who care enough to help educate everybody!!! Thanks to Hrag too, who I don’t know if is he is godless. ; )

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