My Article About Street Art Photography in the Brooklyn Rail

Photo by Luna Park
Photo by Luna Park

For too long street art photography has been overlooked. The dedication of these dedicated and talented photographers have been neglected because people often dismiss them as photojournalists (as if that’s a bad thing)…well, I’ve written an article about the topic that went live on the Brooklyn Rail website today titled “LONGTIME EXPOSURE: Considering Street Art Photography.”

Next week, I’m featuring a weeklong celebration of street art photographers as I post interviews with some of the talented people of the genre. The only regret I have about the article is that I wasn’t able to include one street art photographer that I respect Sebastian of the wonderful site Unurth.

As any writer can tell you, we often can’t include most, and sometime some of our best, research even though we’d love to. Thankfully, I was able to cram a whole lotta shit in there…so thanks to everyone who talked to me and shared their thoughts on the topic.

There are other photographers I could’ve easily included but I had to whittle down my initial list somehow and I’m sure there will be opportunities to write about the other figures in the future.

If you’d like to suggests names of other street art photographers I should consider (or follow) for future investigations, please list the names (with links please) in the comments to this post.

Check out the whole article here.

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  1. […] have been a little slow to post the street photographer interviews I conducted for my Brooklyn Rail article on this under-appreciated group but, trust me, I’ll get to that […]

  2. Fleetwood Avatar

    In agreement with everyone who feels street art has been over looked. So to all those who love street art as l do photographing it, check out my growing site of street art from the un-known artists. A percentage of sales goes to charities who are on the street helping those less fortunate then others, its my way of giving back.

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