A Week of Art + Transformation on Art21


During my last week as guest editor at Art21, I asked a few awesome people to chime in on the topic of TRANSFORMATION, which concludes Monday.

Here’s a summary:

MON: Sometimes Brooklynite, sometimes Beijinger, Ellen Pearlman wrote about the impact of change on the art of China;
TUES: James Kalm created a small video about the transformation of the Williamsburg waterfront as a onetime refuge for marginal activity to the centerpoint of a neighborhood-wide transformation;
WED: Former Pocket Utopia head Austin Thomas reflected on the transformative power of walking on art…she also discussed her new “work” Art Stumbles that premiered in Bushwick a few weeks ago;
THURS: Roberta Fallon & Libby Rosof, of TheArtBlog.org fame, wrote about the relationship between art and pop culture; and
FRI: I chimed in with a post about Provincetown and some of the changes that have taken place in America’s oldest continuous artist colony.

Next week things will (almost) return to normal for me.

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