Are Street Photogs the defacto Art Critics of Street Art?

I have been a little slow to post the street photographer interviews I conducted for my Brooklyn Rail article on this under-appreciated group but, trust me, I’ll get to that soon.

Until then, I want to share this short Facebook conversation (which I edited by excluding other unrelated comments) I had with Loren Munk (aka James Kalm) who posted a must-read article in the same issue of the Brooklyn Rail on the Philip Smith exclusion at the Met’s “Pictures Generation” exhibition earlier this year.

tumblr_kq0ymwKYu31qzaos7I posted this originally on the hyperallergic Tumblog

2 responses to “Are Street Photogs the defacto Art Critics of Street Art?”

  1. I understand that….so I have to say that the world online is so defused nowadays that I’ve been receiving comments about this post via various platforms, including Facebook & Twitter. I wanted to post one here to contribute to the conversation:

    Mike Marcus via Twitter:

    @hragv In the UK that is certainly the case but only because more established art critics do not deem the scene worthy of their attention

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