Art Bum, Back for More

1Lawrence Swan, who you’ll remember as the creator of ArtBum Comix, has been posting Art Bum’s latest hijinx on his own blog, NEWCLEANWARS.

He’s up’d the ante by professionalizing the drawings of his odd-ball cast of characters (he’s thankfully started using blank acid-free paper) and evolving his drawing style, which vacillates between the pop aesthetic of graphic novels and the more painterly feel of artist drawings.


Lawrence does for the downtown art scene (which nowadays essentially means Brooklyn) what Art Spiegelman did for the Holocaust…how’s that for hyperbole? Ok, it’s not exactly true, but Lawrence’s perception of the Art World from the margins (truthfully, 90% of artists, critics, bloggers, etc. would qualify as marginal figures in the “Art World”) is filled with insightful references to fairy tales, art jokes and the anxieties of an middle-aged artist.

I personally find his less verbose and more narrative comics his most successful.


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  1. Hi Hrag,

    On the theme of artists making drawings about art, the art world, and its more pathetic pitfalls, I have to say this work reminds of some I saw this summer by Jeff Funnell at MKG127 in Toronto.
    Unfortunately not available for viewing online except for a pic on this post Funnell’s been doing semi-autobiographical artworld comics for a while. I would hope he publishes or distributes them sometime because they’re pretty interesting.

  2. I could send you some images of my story in art. It is a hand-out for an organization and video i made called AA. Artist Anonymous. and how to quit art

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