The Color of Art is #A79F94


Via Today & Tomorrow:

“The color of art is #A79F94” by Joshua T. Nimoy. He calculated the average color from more than 26,000 images in the MoMa art collection.

I haven’t verified this, so I’ll assume Nimoy is right. If this is the case, no wonder most art bites. Looks like the walls of a corporate office.

(via Artie Vierkant)

10 responses to “The Color of Art is #A79F94”

  1. hv Avatar

    I thought is was more like beige…which is worse!

  2. Joanne Mattera Avatar

    Well, what do you expect when you put all the color together? It’s gray. It’s always gray. Warm, cool, dark, light. But gray. (Golden Paints does an end-of-the-year thing where they take all their leftover paint and make a batch. It’s . . . gray. They call theirs Torrit Gray, and it varies slightly from year to year, depending on the paint they have made in the preceding 365-day period.)

  3. hv Avatar

    Joanne, isn’t this beige?

  4. mikesorgatz Avatar

    A more interesting result would be a ranking of the most common colors used in the collection. Check out my personal favorite of the averaged colors genre – cosmic latte – an average color of the universe.

  5. Joanne Mattera Avatar

    My monitor shows it as gray. And chromatically, the mix would be gray. But I suppose there’s a blurry line between warm gray and beige. Can we compromise and call it greige? 😉

  6. Joanne Mattera Avatar

    I did not put that smiley face in there! I made a winky face, which is typographical. Arrgh.

    At Mikesorgatz: On “Numbers” the other night on TV, one of the mathemetician characters says that a substance in the Milky Way has been recognized as one of the components in raspberries. (It seems to take its math and science seriously.) So the Milky Way smells of raspberries. And now you say it looks like coffee? Can a Starbuck’s outpost be far behind?

  7. mikesorgatz Avatar

    Joanne- Proof that science is delicious, if not colorful!

  8. Joanne Mattera Avatar

    Re Torrit Gray: I said “Golden” paints. They’re acrylic. I think it’s Gamblin, which is oil.

  9. libhomo Avatar

    Joanne: I was thinking along similar lines, though you said it much more articulately than I would.

    HV: It’s grey on my computer screen.

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