Is LA Preparing to Kill Graffiti?


From Public Ad Campaign we learn that the Los Angeles City Council will:

consider a new city ordinance that would require all buildings–yes, residential homes, too–to be anti-graffiti coated from the ground to at least nine feet. However, owners may choose to skip the requirement as long as they sign an agreement that any graffiti on their building will be removed within seven days, according to the LA Daily News.

And I’m guessing this means that there will be no more street Rothkos in Santa Clarita:

Meanwhile, the city of Santa Clarita is set to unveil a Paint Matching Trailer to be used by the Graffiti Task Force…”The City’s new Paint Matching Trailer will enable the Graffiti Task Force to provide paint matching services to local property owners, which will expedite the required removal of graffiti on private property.”

I guess the same feeling must’ve permeated the scene when New York city officials figured out how to keep subway cars graffiti free, but all it did was push the scene above ground. So, where do you think the scene will move next?

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