Hyperallergic Goes Live Today!

Hyperallergic Postcard

Yesterday was the big day when my new blogazine, Hyperallergic, went online.

I’ve been thinking about this project for about a year now but only since August did I commit myself to making it a reality.

Many people have helped me put this all together, most importantly my lovely husband Veken, who had to endure my extensive anxiety and general zaniness. So thanks V!

I also want to thank my two interns (their enthusiasm was key in the whole process), Artie Vierkant and Elizabeth Spiers, an up-and-coming graphic designer who created our great new logo, Linda McNeil, and WordPress developer John Sexton, who worked wonders.

Then there are all the writers, photographers and editors who pitched in to help, so thank you, thank you!

Hyperallergic is a work in progress and the blogazine is only one part of the puzzle. There is already a very active HyperallergicLABS visual stream online and soon these will be joined by a podcast and journal. All in good time, I assure you.

Make sure you subscribe to the Hyperallergic feed and newsletter and join us on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to know how you can help? We need help promoting the site, so, please email your friends, share this post (or any Hyperallergic post) on Facebook and Twitter, or just shoot me an email and I will mail you a small stack of postcards that you can hand out to friends or place at a local coffee shop, gallery or bookstore.

Hyperallergic is for everyone passionate about art and we’d appreciate your help getting the word out.

Thanks for all your support and blogging here will resume shortly.

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