Same Old New Museum


Boy, the stuff that goes on at the New Museum pisses me off. For an institution with so much promise, it has become a boring place.

Yesterday, I railed about their latest stunt to exhibit a trustee’s private collection: New or Same Old Museum (Hyperallergic)

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  1. I think calling it the “New Museum” was a huge mistake, and will bite them in the butt until they wise up and finally change the name. The New Museum has been my favorite museum in New York for over a decade (before I lived here even).

    I thought the name for the young artists show was irritating, but I liked most of the work.

    As for displaying a trustee’s collection, does that save them money? The reason I ask is that the last time I went to PSI, things were sparse in terms of the quantity of art. Is there a big budget axe at the museums right now?

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