Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World

Hyperallergic just published: The Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World

Gotta love it…here’s a taste:

  1. Everyone entirely unknown to Hans Ulrich Obrist – If the kingmaker isn’t on your cell phone, well, at least your mother is.
  2. The guy in the bunny outfit who year after year protested in front of Gagosian’s 25th Street gallery — hey buddy, how’s the career?
  3. Independent curators without trust funds – There’s a saying, “No trust, no love.”
  4. Artists who can’t speak English, French, German, or Spanish. While the world is filled with approximately 6,800 languages, artwork must adhere to the linguistic realities of economics.
  5. That man at all the openings who might be homeless. Wine at gallery openings may be the art world’s only form of social service to people outside their realm, but hey, it’s something.

Read the whole thing here.

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