Brooke Moyse, “Forest M.E.” (2009)

This is one of my favorite works from the season, and it’s on display during BETA Spaces in Bushwick tomorrow.

Sharon from Two Coats of Paint tells us a little about Moyse’s show, “The Otherside:”

At Norte Maar this month, [Jason] Andrew has installed [six] paintings by Bushwick artist Brooke Moyse. Moyse makes thinly painted landscapes with the slightest hint of horizon. “Many of the paintings develop around a specific historical work of art,” [she writes in her statement.]

While tackling Poussin, Constables, Bellini, Holbein, and Lawrence Weiner may sound like an appropriation nightmare, Moyse steers clear of obvious historic references. Her paintings seem to fit into two groups: interiors and landscapes. The smaller works feel like sketches, while the larger canvases are fully formed and ambitious. “Forest M.E.” is the centerpiece of the show, and my guess is it’s inspired by Holbein since it comes across as regal and poised.

More about BETA Spaces on BushwickBK.

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