Shepard Fairey Reclaims His Ad Space on Bedford by Grand

A few weeks ago I blogged for Hyperallergic about the iBlanket campaign, which launched a New York campaign to raise awareness about homelessness in cities around the world.

At the time, I warned that they were stepping on some major street art toes with their approach. They covered up a well-known Shepard Fairey spot and replaced it with corporate-seeming Apple-spoofs.

Turns out that soon after they went up (about a week), the iBlanket posters were already pulled down and a new Shepard Fairey poster dominated the wall again.

Thanks to Veken for photographing the spot’s transformation.


For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, you may also want to know about a new Fairey I spotted on Eighth Avenue, near 28th Street. It was late on Saturday night on my way to a karaoke bar in Koreatown.

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