How Do We Reform the Art World?

Charlie Finch has an interesting idea:

The auction houses should be required by law to tell us who bought what, but, more importantly, transparency would be in the best interests of the auction world because more people would get involved and it would be more fun!

Unfortunately, “fun” is the last thing that art world elitists are looking.

Read the whole article on Artnet, which is chock-full of other conflicts of interest that make the recent New Museum affair seem tame by comparison.

3 responses to “How Do We Reform the Art World?”

  1. The article has some good points for sure, but is there really anything that can be done to truly make things more transparent?

    What’s the real benefit?

    Who does this really help?

  2. Transparency is crucial for public support. I think part of the reason the public doesn’t like supporting the arts is because of the elitism & the opaqueness of everything. It is all very insidery. Let’s open it up!

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