Living in a State of Permanent Recession? on NYFA Current


My new article for NYFA Current is up and in it I ask five artists (Lawrence Swan, an anonymous female painter, Chris Martin, Kevin Regan, Shai Dahan) about how these tough economic times have impacted their life and work.

Also check out the other articles in this edition of NYFA Current, including:

NYFA Current‘s Deadlines & Headlines section regularly provides listings of upcoming grant, award, and residency deadlines as well as information on upcoming NYFA events and news on NYFA artists. These listings are for December and January deadlines. Profiled NYFA artists include Maren Hassinger, Stephen Mueller, Joseph Nechvatal, Gina Ruggeri, Leslie Thornton, and Jennette Williams.

Also, please consider donating to NYFA Current. Your donations will contribute to a worthwhile online magazine that has been at the forefront of reporting on how the recession has impacted artists and New York’s arts community.

Photo credit: ~BostonBill~ via Flickr

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