Rachel Beach’s “View of Room” Makes Negative Space a Positive


During my time in Miami last week, I met up with the vivacious Marisa Sage, owner of Williamsburg’s Like the Spice gallery. Always adventurous, Marisa chose to forge a new path away from the traditional art fair booth, and she moved her wares to a hotel suite on the South Beach strip where collectors, critics, and friends of Like the Spice could enjoy private viewings accompanied by wine and informal conversation — it was a lovely experience.

During my brief visit, one work by Rachel Beach caught by attention, “View of a Room” (2009).

Constructed out of enamel, aqua resin and fiberglass mat, these three small sculptures (9 x 7 x 1 inches each) distill three of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s period rooms into mysterious shapes that are all once “part secret heraldic device and part poppy graphic signage.”

Beach collages negative space and capturing what the press releases convincingly calls “the gestalt of these rooms without giving away the source.”

I was impressed by their clarity and refinement. They represent Beach at her best.

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  1. It is weird that another Rachel is doing conceptually similar work to Rachel Whiteread’s work. It’s especially weird for me since Ms. Whiteread is one of my favorite artists.

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