The experience of liveblogging performance art

I’m exhausted. After liveblogging last night for six and a half hours I followed up today with a post of thoughts about the experience accompanied by high-resolution photographs. Now I’m done.

I underestimated, or forgot, how blogging is hard work. Running around the gallery with my laptop, iPhone & SLR camera felt like a cardio activity.

I’ve published two posts on Hyperallergic about last night, it was the second night of the Maximum Perception Performance Festival at English Kills art gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can see them here:

I also posted a photo essay on Flickr and some of short videos on my YouTube channel.

I think my experiment was successful. Liveblogging performance art is a form of art reporting and criticism that excites me. I think it really has potential in the blogosphere.

Some of My iPhone Panoramas … more here









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