Print is dead … again …


In June, literary lion Dave Eggers wrote the following about the much-anticipated Panorama newspaper by McSweeney’s:

The hope is that we can demonstrate that if you rework the newspaper model a bit, it can not only survive, but actually thrive. We’re convinced that the best way to ensure the future of journalism is to create a workable model where journalists are paid well for reporting here and abroad.

Since its release, the much talked about, blogged about and tweeted about publication has wow’d the literary masses but The Awl‘s Choire Sicha did some math about Panorama‘s finances and discovered some interesting things:

But what’s curious about these numbers is that they are magical. The total editorial costs were $80,000 … You can divide $80,000 pretty much any way you like and not find a way to make this make sense.

Wait a minute, did Eggers just prove that newspapers can’t survive? Read the whole thing, it’s worthwhile.

Photo via Stephen Rhodes’ Flickr

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