My Video of Tameka Norris Work Removed From YouTube (NSFW apparently)

I wonder why my video was removed from YouTube … ok, I’m not shocked but saddened. You’d think YouTube would have a sense of humor. I shot this cell phone video when I visited the “Party at Chris’s House” exhibition at Janet Kurnatowski in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is Tameka Norris’ “Untitled” (nd). I clearly labeled the video as an art work and made the joke that it should probably be subtitled, “Fucking Art History.”

According to the notice I received, the video was disabled for violation of the “YouTube Community Guidelines.” I guess that concept of community doesn’t include the one I inhabit.

I have a question: why is violence of all types allowed on YouTube but no sex acts, even if they are being done in the name of art? Nevermind, I know the answer.

2 responses to “My Video of Tameka Norris Work Removed From YouTube (NSFW apparently)”

  1. tameka norris Avatar

    It very well could have been someone in my family. They’re so proud- but totally not aware of my academic position!

    So don’t blame THE MAN on this one!
    Blame my mom.

  2. Douglas Green Avatar
    Douglas Green

    iluv it like alot ………….great art…..i luv ur mind……

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