My Video of Tameka Norris Work Removed From YouTube (NSFW apparently)

I wonder why my video was removed from YouTube … ok, I’m not shocked but saddened. You’d think YouTube would have a sense of humor. I shot this cell phone video when I visited the “Party at Chris’s House” exhibition at Janet Kurnatowski in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is Tameka Norris’ “Untitled” (nd). I clearly labeled the video as an art work and made the joke that it should probably be subtitled, “Fucking Art History.”

According to the notice I received, the video was disabled for violation of the “YouTube Community Guidelines.” I guess that concept of community doesn’t include the one I inhabit.

I have a question: why is violence of all types allowed on YouTube but no sex acts, even if they are being done in the name of art? Nevermind, I know the answer.

2 responses to “My Video of Tameka Norris Work Removed From YouTube (NSFW apparently)”

  1. It very well could have been someone in my family. They’re so proud- but totally not aware of my academic position!

    So don’t blame THE MAN on this one!
    Blame my mom.

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