Just How Angry are Street Art Haters?

Remember my run in with that graffiti hater in October? Yesterday, Brooklyn street artist Ellis G posted a MySpace message on Facebook (yes, ironic, I know) he received a few years ago from another angry hater. It was too good not to share.

I just wanted highlight the fact that Ellis G’s preferred medium for street art is chalk, not spray paint or wheat pastes, but chalk on walls and sidewalk.

Now if you visit the MySpace profile of this curmudgeon, you discover some interesting things. Namely, he is an artist — no really — and his heroes include “French prehistoric cave artists.” I couldn’t make that up.

A little more digging and his profile on the website of the CUE foundation, where he appeared in a show curated by Thomas Nozkowski, appears. It features art that looks inspired by a number of artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat — ’nuff said.

Image posted with permission of Ellis G.

5 responses to “Just How Angry are Street Art Haters?”

  1. Heart As Arena Avatar

    1. Did that dude get a piece of Pink Floyd’s album cover stuck in his ass? That’s what that first image looks like on the CUE site.
    2. All hearts for Ellis G. I live in his neighborhood and I would be lost without him.

  2. forumandcontent Avatar

    I’m pretty sure his threats are illegal, and Ellis G.’s work is legal. Dude’s so wrong.

  3. tskross Avatar

    this is too funny…kinda…
    I just read this post about Saber’s American flag controversy on Eyeteeth this morning as well

    I have to admit I do get a kick out of the vitriole that people have towards street art or graffitti whatever you want to call it (even if Saber’s flag pieces are prints) I guess I find it validating. What can I say I guess I’m no better than most, and I like to see when people expose what really lays under the surface, especially when it is that vile! Like I said, finny…kinda
    The day that streets become free of graffitti would sure be a depressing one…

  4. […] Street artist Ellis G has a serious hater. […]

  5. Paul Avatar

    Rusty blades, MySpace and Robert: He’s three for three when it comes to old tools!

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