Bushwick Obama Mural Gets Bombed with Spray Paint

It’s a shame that one of the best Obama murals in New York, painted by Juse One, has been bombed (a graffiti term) by graffiti writer Haeler.

BushwickBK.com has the full story, including this quote by Juse One about his reasons for painting the unsanctioned mural:

“I painted this portrait of Obama at a time when I was inspired immensely by his words and the hope that he represented for me politically and personally,” said the artist. “I am a Black American, and Barack Obama is a personal hero to me.”

So, why did Haeler do it? Read the article to find out. Thankfully, someone has crossed out Haeler’s slap in the face with pink spray paint and using what most New Yorkers are wondering, “WTF?”

My favorite part of the story is that the mural appears on the property of  Matrix Steel, “the company of alleged Bonanno crime boss Salvatore Montagna, who was deported last year on an immigration technicality.”

Accolades to Jeremy Sapienza for this thorough reporting on this incident.

Image caption: A mural of President Barack Obama on Grattan Street by Juse One, gone over by Haeler. — Photo by Jeremy Sapienza

2 responses to “Bushwick Obama Mural Gets Bombed with Spray Paint”

  1. The crime is that he covered up something nice with something fuckin’ ugly. Btw, the article says it was done without the owner’s permission.

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