“artists FOR: Haiti” Benefit at Envoy

On Wednesday, February 17, 2010, Envoy Enterprises is hosting an art benefit. All works in the show will be auctioned off silently to the highest bidder in support of the people of Haiti.

Here are the details:

artists FOR: Haiti
A benefit art auction to help the people of Haiti.
One hundred percent of all money raised goes directly to Doctors Without Borders and their current mission in Haiti.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, 6 – 10 pm

Envoy Enterprises
131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY (map)

Featuring works by: Antoine Lefebvre, Kyoung eun Kang, Zoe Crosher, Miya Ando, Cordy Ryman, Erika Ranee, Jeffrey Hargrave, Gabriel J. Shuldiner (and Fiona!), Andrzej Zielinski, Matthew Deleget, Miriam Cabessa, An Hoang, Michael De Feo (and Marianna!), Karlos Carcamo, Hermes Payhruber, Nicky Enright, Shani Peters, Elia Bettaglio, Casey J. Diskin, Morgan Ersery, Dorin Levy, Christine Gedeon, Lea Bertucci, Susanne Kathaleen Stroebe, Marina Zamalin, Danielle Goldsmith, George Towne, Vincent Como, Yen-Ting Chung, Genevieve White, Christopher Stout, Jess Ramsay, Mary Younkin, Leah Dixon, Paul Vlachos, Loretta Lomanto, Seyhan Musouglu, Tomoe Tsutsumi, Karen Dolmanish, Michael Gaffney, Bianca Franco, David Mann, Heide Fasnacht, Davina Hsu, Jae Kyung Kim, Aya Izumi-Rodriguez, Jasmin Geyer-Gershony, Avi Levy, Yevgeniy Rybakov, Ivo Bonacorsi, Rochelle Rubenstein, Fiona Conrad, Holly Overton, Samuel Vider, Jacqui McLoughlin, Chris Mezte, Joan Matalon, David Boim, Jaqueline Belchez, Cecile Chong, Nicole Bezerril, Rodolfo Moraga & others.

via an email from Michael De Feo

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