Celso Presents Powhida’s Contribution to “Art Shred”

I saw Celso’s Art Shred event for #class begin online and I rushed over to see it live…but, alas, I missed it. Thankfully, William Powhida is more time challenged than me, and he arrived soon after with a drawing that was offered up for shredding.

Watch Celso shred the sucker and then clean up the mess…and in a suit, no less.

According to the performance description:

ART SHRED is an on-site shredding service that will help artists and other participants liberate themselves of important works of art, meaningful love letters and one-of-a-kind photographs – and other significant material created, printed, or written on paper. After being sliced and diced, all works will be scattered on the gallery floor. If you have something of consequence that you would like to have shredded, e-mail Celso (at) elcelso (dot) com. Walk-ins welcome.

Dude has a thing for destroying art. If you remember, he did the same type of performance in Miami last December during the fairs. His performance then was called Art Burn.

It was estimated that they shredded $18,000 worth of art as part of the performance. [UPDATE: C-Monster tweeted last night that the amount was actually $19,850.] When Celso mentioned that fact to Powhida, the #class organizer responded (and I’m paraphrasing), “Did we remove value from the world or restore it?” Umm…that’s a good question.

2 responses to “Celso Presents Powhida’s Contribution to “Art Shred””

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  2. Donald Frazell Avatar

    Art was not present, thats a therapy session, like most contempt galleries are. Just the inmates acting out.

    art collegia delenda est
    fine art colleges must be destroyed
    Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories.

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