Art Blogging Panel at SMartCAMP this Sunday

It’s art fair week in New York but this year Gotham’s art market orgy will coincide with SMartCAMP, which is a two-day conference jointly organized by #artstech and the Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

A social media bootcamp of sorts, the conference is designed to:

…help those who are new to or skeptical of social media put together a course of action with the help of presentations and case studies from some leading figures working at the intersection of art and social media. For those who have already been engaging in social media, SMartCAMP offers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, hone new skills, refine social engagement strategies and gain inspiration for future social campaigns from distinguished peers and colleagues. For social media professionals looking to work with arts organizations, SMartCAMP offers an opportunity to learn about the challenges unique to the cultural space.

For my part, I will be moderating a panel on art blogging — FINDING A VOICE IN THE ART BLOGOSPHERE — and I’m very lucky to have the following panelists in attendance:

    Come hear us solve the world’s art blogging problems one hyperlink at a time.

    Here are the event organizers telling you what to expect from this weekend:

    What you need to know:

    Tickets for Saturday are sold-out, but there are a few left for Sunday!

    2 responses to “Art Blogging Panel at SMartCAMP this Sunday”

    1. tattoo artists Avatar

      SMartCAMP is really very interesting.Thank you.

    2. Victoria Avatar

      Glad to hear that a couple of retail sites like 20×200 and Etsy will be represented. These sites attract millions of potential art buyers from a global audience.

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