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  • “Art thieves and black market dealers in cultural heritage material have a better chance of unloading their valuable booty — and avoiding prosecution — in Canada than almost anywhere else, say two prominent stolen art experts.” ***The article includes a fascinating list of infamous art thefts•••
  • Of the Top 10: 4 are in Tokyo; 3 in Paris; 2 in New York; and 1 in Nara, Japan. Surprisingly, Banksy‘s show in Bristol (of all places) came in at #30. The biggest surprise for me was #19, the “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures of Kabul” show at Houston‘s Museum of Fine Arts. Outside of New York, it was the only US show to make the list.
  • This is an incredible story, esp. considering all Haiti lost in the recent earthquake. Why are documents from this period so valuable and rare? Because Jean-Jacques Dessalines, first ruler and and governor-general of the Republic of Haiti, was illiterate and dictated his documents to secretaries.

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  1. Saw this one “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from Kabul,” Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. What an incredible show, beautifully mounted as well.

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