Odd Street Sculpture in Williamsburg

Ever since we published Luna Park’s lovely photo essay on New York’s sculptural street art, I’ve been looking more closely at work that projects out into public space.

Yesterday, I spotted one of the oddest works of street art I’ve yet encounter (and there has been quite a bit). It reminded me of the work of NE Thing Co., while remaining very contemporary and even more abstract than the work of that 1960s Canadian art group. The object was connected to the wall by a small strip of wood near the top, and it projected out an inch or two.

I spotted it around 11am and then by 9:30pm the same night it was gone. I don’t remember it being there the day before. Good things never last.

Two questions … What the hell was this thing? And who was it by?

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  1. That was done by an artist named “Osik” I believe. Brooklynite Gallery would probably know. They have/had some of Osik’s work on their website.

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