Caught My Eye

  • Street art photographer Jake Dobkin interviews Swoon about her Swimming Cities project, Jeffrey Deitch leaving New York, her recent project in Zambia, and her new book.
  • Joanne McNeil reflects on memes and I particularly loved this line, “The huckster with a formula for making your brand ‘go viral’ is the Brooklyn Bridge salesman of our time …” and this tweet she includes about the conference is really insightful, “unlike most conferences, the audience are the experts & the panelists are outsiders. And *they* are the creators.”
  • “What can graffiti tell us about ancient cultures?That’s just one of the questions being explored at a Coptic Studies symposium to be held on May 29 at the University of Toronto.” Nice to see my alma mater doing awesome things. /via
  • Maria Popova writes about two projects (one by the Puma corporation) to rethink the utter waste that is packaging. Both of these are innovative, beautiful, and I hope this sort of thing catches on.

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