New Boston Tourist Attraction

The irony is immense. Do people even care what the Banky stencils say anymore?

7 responses to “New Boston Tourist Attraction”

  1. RJ Avatar

    No. Not really. A side note: You may want to check out this interview with PosterChild about Banksy’s visit to Toronto –

    1. hv Avatar

      I saw it. I’m actually going to be in Toronto this week (it’s where I grew up). Maybe I’ll look for the Banksys to see what became of them.

  2. […] A Banksy gets moved in Detroit for better safekeeping. I have to say that I find the idea of “preserving” graffiti patently hilarious. Plus: It’s official. Banksys are now a tourist attraction. […]

  3. Nick Riggle Avatar

    This is not surprising. Most people don’t care about what *any* artworks say. They care more about the cultural capital of having seen art. That’s why so many people run around museums taking pictures of everything they see without spending any time with the art. For their purposes, all they need is proof that they “did” the MoMA.

  4. Houston Brandy Avatar

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  5. diana aviz Avatar

    well i have no idea wha is going on

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