Tumbling, Tweeting, Blogging … Oh, My

A snapshot of my Tumblog … it’s fun and insightful, I promise.

There are some changes in store for HragVartanian.com. This site, which has been the main repository for my writing, links, thoughts, pics, etc., for a rather long time (four years?) will now be increasingly devoted to my writing and thoughts on art, writing, and life. My quick links and simple photo posts (with minimal commentary) are moving elsewhere … more on that in a sec.

Many of you probably already know that the majority of my recent writing is being posted on Hyperallergic, which I edit on a daily basis (though I only work in the Hyperallergic office on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays). Others may also know that I also provide a great deal of links, some wit, and daily spewings on my Twitterfeed, @hragv. But what most of you probably don’t know is that I’m also quite active on Tumblr — hragv.tumblr.com — which is where the majority of my links, random pics, and other ephemera (though I guess when I post it the term doesn’t technically apply) will reside from now on.

Me sporting my awesome Andres Serrano “Shit Is Coming” tshirt (photo by Paddy J. and tee via Brent B.)

You may be wondering, “How can an individual maintain all those sites and still have a job, life … ?”

Well, the short answer is because I love it and I have a rather overactive personality. The more extensive explanation is that the online world is nuanced and I’m discovering where certain material fits better. I’m learning to respond to the evolving communities of each platform. Writing, at the end of the day, is about communicating and the world online is helping me hone my skills. My need to communicate isn’t restricted to my writing either (everyone by now probably knows of my love of photography and Photoshop). Tumblr allows me to explore visual conversations and connections that are unlike Flickr (something I won’t get into here), Twitter is like a digital telegraph for facts and quick reactions, and this blog is my notebook. I used to fill journals quickly before I started blogging and nowadays they are as likely to be filled with to-do lists, doodles, and stickers rather than straightforward writing. One thing is for sure, blogging keeps me sane. I’m not 100% sure why, but it helps. For that reason, this site will not be going anywhere.

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  1. amy scott Avatar
    amy scott

    This article just answered so many questions I had for you. I finally got the reading you suggested and oh my, what a world. I can’t even believe I wasted your time. My approach is evolving in a more professional direction.

    One ingrained image of you that still resonates after all these years is your process books. They were their own work of art individually. Your blogging is the same way and I dig getting to see that any time I need inspiration!

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